I'm Amra Pajalić, owner and publisher of Pishukin Press, an independent press that publishes underrepresented authors in fiction and nonfiction. Drawing on my experience as an award-winning author, an editor and educator, Pishukin Press is dedicated to accessibility and titles are published in ebooks, paperbacks, hardbacks, large print, dyslexic font and audiobooks narrated by artificial intelligence and performance narrators.

I won the 2009 Melbourne Prize for Literature's Civic Choice Award for my debut novel The Good Daughter re-published as Sabiha’s Dilemma. The anthology I co-edited, Growing up Muslim in Australia (Allen and Unwin, 2014), was shortlisted for the 2015 Children's Book Council of the year awards and her memoir Things Nobody Knows But Me (Transit Lounge, 2019) was shortlisted for the 2020 National Biography Award. I am also the author of short story collection The Cuckoo’s Song, and young adult novels Sabiha’s Dilemma and Alma’s Loyalty (Pishukin Press, 2022). Read more about me on my website here.

Book Formats

There is a quote that states ‘If you don’t like to read, then you haven’t found the right book.’ I would like to extend that further and state that ‘If you struggle to read then you haven’t found the right book format.’ As a high school teacher I have taught students with various individual needs and recognise the need to make books accessible for all kinds of readers. To this end I am committed to publishing all Pishukin Press titles in as many formats as possible. This includes:

Dyslexic Format Edition—printed in Dyslexic Open font in 14 point

Large Print edition—printed in Large Print Open Sans No Italics font in 18 point font size

Audiobooks AI—narrated by artificial intelligence using Google technology.

Audiobooks—narrated by performance narrators are also in process.

All books are also available in paperback and hardcover editions.


Pishukin Press books are distributed by Ingram Spark and published on all major platforms: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Google Books. Ebooks are distributed via OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla, BorrowBox

In order to provide the best price and develop a direct relationship with readers I am using Shopify as an ecommerce shop to sell books, using Lulu print on demand to print and deliver books, and Bookfunnel to deliver ebooks and audiobooks. 


Pishukin Press titles are distributed by IngramSpark and can be ordered by libraries and bookshops. View this Google Numbers spreadsheet that lists all titles and where they are distributed to. This is a live document that is updated as titles are published. Read more about Trade and Library Orders and discounts offered.

Pishukin Press Catalogue Distribution Channels

Pishukin Press

The name Pishukin came from a term of endearment that I call my daughter. The logo is a homage to her mother who loved peacocks and was created by designer Cuba DeSilva

The future

It is my hope to develop my small press and open for submissions, or to provide publishing services to those who wish to enter the independent small press movement. Currently I provide mentoring through Business Advice Meetings.

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