Trade and Library Orders

Pishukin Press titles are distributed by IngramSpark and can be ordered by libraries and bookshops.

Ebooks are distributed via OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla, BorrowBox.

View this Google Numbers spreadsheet that lists all titles and where they are distributed to. This is a live document that is updated as titles are published. 

Pishukin Press Catalogue Distribution Channels

Trade orders

Pishukin Press titles are available to bookstores at between 40 and 60 percent discount on RRP, depending on volume.

Titles can be ordered through the Ingram Catalogue at a 40 percent bookseller discount on RRP, or directly from Pishukin Press at between 45 and 60 percent discount , depending on ordering volume.
  • 1-5 mixed titles—45% RRP, plus postage
  • 5-10 mixed titles—50% RRP, plus postage
  • 10-20 mixed titles—55% RRP, plus postage
  • 20+ mixed titles—60% RRP, plus postage
    Larger volume orders can be 

We print and distribute through the Ingram, and ship from Australia, the US, and the UK.

If you’re a bookseller and would like to order from our range of books, please contact us for more details about our catalogue, terms of trade, and discount rates.


t: +61 3 9366 3987

Library orders

All Pishukin Press titles have an Australian National edeposit record. Australian libraries can place orders directly through the Pishukin Press website, or order from an Australian library supplier. Overseas libraries can place orders with Ingram Library Services Inc.

t: +61 3 9366 3987

Book Formats

Pishukin Press recognises the need to make books accessible for all kinds of readers. To this end we are committed to publishing all Pishukin Press titles in as many formats as possible. This includes:

Dyslexic Format Edition—printed in Dyslexic Open font in 14 point

Large Print edition—printed in Large Print Open Sans No Italics font in 18 point font size

Audiobooks AI—narrated by artificial intelligence using Google technology.

Audiobooks—narrated by performance narrators are also in process.

All books are also available in paperback and hardcover editions.