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Alma's Loyalty Ebook

Alma's Loyalty Ebook

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#2 Sassy Saints Series

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Alma's Loyalty Media Kit

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Alma’s perfect family is fractured when her father finds out he has a long-lost daughter from his first marriage. When his overtures are rebuffed, it’s up to Alma to bring her new-found sister, Sabiha, into the family fold. 

Now Alma is caught between family loyalties: her feuding parents, the brother she grew up with and the sister she just met, the new friends she made who are conflicted in their loyalties between her and Sabiha. Can Alma maintain the role of the perfect daughter and find a way to navigate the competing loyalties in her life?

‘Amra Pajalić writes with such honesty every young adult will empathise with her… While dealing with some ordinary “stuff” Pajalic’s observations are sincere and often hilarious.’ BENDIGO ADVERTISER

Sassy Saints Series 

Follow the lives of six sassy teens coming of age in St Albans, as they navigate their sexual and cultural identity and search for belonging.

Book One-Sabiha’s Dilemma

Book Two-Alma’s Loyalty

Book Three-Jesse’s Triumph

Book Four-Brian’s Conflict

Book Five-Dina’s Burden

Book Six-Adnan’s Secret

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