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Hollywood Dreams Paperback

Hollywood Dreams Paperback

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She’s fallen for his greatest role. But can she fall for him? 

Former soap star Tom Calvert dreams of making movies that matter. To get the part of a lifetime he becomes a method actor, living as Beau Tennant, a war hero with a disabling injury. While in character he meets Maree Reynard, a costume designer, and takes her on a date. But when this practice date becomes all too real he realizes that he’s made the mistake of a lifetime. Will he be able to get Maree to fall in love with Tom Calvert?

Maree Reynard’s father is an actor and she has grown up on a studio lot. She has no illusions about the artifice of the movie-making business and has vowed she would never date an actor. When she meets and falls in love with Beau Tennant she knows that she’s found her dream man who is genuine and real. But when Beau disappears from her life she is heartbroken. She meets Tom Calvert on the rebound and sees their flirtation as a way of recovering her shattered confidence. Will Tom Calvert be able to convince her he is the real deal?

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'I don't want to give away any of the story. So I'm just going to let you know how great this book was..

It had a wonderful love story, great adventure, and I just fell in love with Maree and Beau/Tom! Even though Tom was not honest I really pulled for him. I can't wait to tell all my friends and people on my blog, twitter and goodreads what a gem this book is. You know it's a great book when you can't put it down and you end up finishing it in one day and writing a review at am at night. This is a must read Well Done Mae Archer!'
5 stars, ABeautifulBookBlog
Full review here

'What I really enjoyed about "Hollywood Dreams" was not only was the love story interesting, but the other storylines meshed in perfectly. There was a crazy stalker, the secondary characters were great, family drama, etc. The only downside I had was I wish Tom was upfront to Maree from the get-go. Obviously, that would have taken away from a good bit of the story, but nevertheless, I will let that slide. Wonderfully written and endearing! Definitely check it out!'
5 stars, Abby
Full review here.

'I love the supporting cast of characters. Love how they really pulse on the pages. They literally have a life of their own."Hollywood Dreams" is different from other contemporary romance novels that I have read in the past. Only little peeve that I had is that I would get more interaction of Maree's family. I know of them but not much else. Just would have liked to have something else to delve into.
Enjoyability: I'd happily do a re-read multiple times.'
5 stars, April
Full review here.


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