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Jesse's Triumph Ebook

Jesse's Triumph Ebook

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To be released 30 April 2023. Special pre-order price.  (#3 Sassy Saints Series)

After Jesse’s debut novel is published while he’s a high school student, he contends with becoming popular.

Seventeen-year-old Jesse is a boy caught off-guard by high school popularity. When his debut novel is published the peers who treated him as invisible suddenly want to be his best friend and pal.

All Jesse wanted was for Sabiha to see him as a romantic possibility and now that she does, he doesn’t know whether he can trust she cares about him or his new-found popularity. Will he find a way to keep his triumph from ruining his life?

Sassy Saints Series 

Follow the lives of six sassy teens coming of age in St Albans, as they navigate their sexual and cultural identity and search for belonging.

Book One-Sabiha’s Dilemma

Book Two-Alma’s Loyalty

Book Three-Jesse’s Triumph

Book Four-Brian’s Conflict

Book Five-Dina’s Burden

Book Six-Adnan’s Secret

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