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Pishukin's Voices of Diversity

Pishukin's Voices of Diversity

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Pishukin's Voices of Diversity

 These captivating short story collections written by underrepresented writers transcend borders and are a testament to the resilience and diversity of our world.

The Cuckoo’s Song: Short Stories by Amra Pajalic

Award-winning author Amra Pajalić showcases her gritty, poignant and sometimes bruising voice in this eclectic short story book of previously published and prize-winning stories.

'So devastatingly real' Maxine Beneba Clarke

Nervous Breakdown
'Rebellion is fuelled by the cultural disconnect between themselves and their migrant parents.' Sydney Morning Herald

'A powerful and moving story of family dissolution and the suffering, deprivation and terror of war.' Australian Book Review
'Amra Pajalić’s Bosnian Diary is a masterpiece of broken elegy.' Bulletin Review

Flirty Eyes
'Interesting' and 'original' writing. Australian Book Review
'Marvellous' and 'brisk' writing. Rip it Up Review 

Complication: Short Stories by Fikret Pajalic

In this gripping short story collection, Pajalic depicts working-class characters in all their gutsiness and glory. Featuring animals in most stories as a motif for grief and hope, Pajalic alternates between tender stories of survival and the gritty underbelly of Melbourne’s Western suburbs.

‘Raw, authentic and compelling, these stories of refugees' generational trauma and pain also honour the resilience and determination of the characters. Bracing and rewarding reading.' Paddy O'Reilly author of Other Houses

'Reminiscent of Carver, Pajalic’s stories are sharp, direct and austere. A fascinating read.' Ennis Cehic author of Sadvertising

'Like Chekhov who thinks that for a writer nothing should be unclean, Fikret takes us to murky places where English is broken and pit bulls are prized; bodies are ravaged by manual labour and generosity abounds as often as brutality. Humanity there is uncovered, revealing itself to be as instinctual and capable of ferocity and sacrifice as the many animals that populate Fikret’s stories. In Complication Fikret uncovers the origins of violence with unflinching insight and unwavering compassion.’ Lee Kofman author of The Writer Laid Bare

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