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The Sassy Saints Series E-Books 1-3

The Sassy Saints Series E-Books 1-3

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The first three books in the Sassy Saints Series plus two bonus stories.

From award-winning young adult author Amra Pajalic comes an own voices, found family, coming of age YA series for fans of Melina Marchetta and John Green.

1 Sabiha’s Dilemma

Sabiha and her mother Bahra are more than mother and daughter, they’re best friends. But when their extended family comes to Australia, Bahra becomes a Born-Again-Muslim to impress them, and expects Sabiha to step in line as the perfect daughter. Can Sabiha play the part of the good daughter so that her mentally ill mother is accepted back into the Bosnian community?

Massacre (short story)

Read Jesse’s published short story.

2 Alma’s Loyalty

Alma’s perfect family is fractured when her father finds out he has a long-lost daughter from his first marriage. When his overtures are rebuffed, it’s up to Alma to bring her new-found sister, Sabiha, into the family fold. 

Reckoning (short story)

Alex faces a reckoning.

3 Jesse’s Triumph

After Jesse’s debut novel is published while he’s a high school student, he's thrust into the spotlight. Can Jesse steer his way through his new-found triumph, be with his dream girl, and ride the high school popularity wave without losing sight of who he truly is?

Sabiha's Dilemma is a ‘raw and honest story about duty and the desire to run free. A strong voice in Australian fiction.’ Melina Marchetta

'Pajalić bravely deals with some serious adolescent issues.’ Kirkus Review

'Precious, Intriguing, and Mood-Boosting.' Reader review

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